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About Karina

I started making clothes, all be it for Tiny Tears and Tressy dolls (anyone remember them?), when I was about six. My mum had been a sample tailoress in the 1950's and I had a thriving backstep business selling these outfits to my friends for sixpence a piece, but desperation would sometimes bring about a swap for the latest Bunty comic.

This sewing obsession continued, and by the time I was attending grammar school I was attempting to copy dresses from the latest Biba catalogue with pieces of fabric I found on local market stalls. By the time I was 16 I had become a typical teenage rebel and swanned off to London, with the help of National Express coaches, to seek my fortune! I took a job, well several, at various stalls in Kensington market and ended up doing a bit designing for "Miss Mouse" as well as renovating vintage clothing for other stall-holders.

I came back home three years later, looking so way-out my father would only let me in the back door, to avoid shocking the neighbours! After a few stints in the costume departments of local and national theatres I realised I was spending more time in the evenings designing clothes for the actresses so took an enormous leap of faith and started my own label.

By now it was the 1980's so, with the help of my staff, we were churning out all things electric blue, with the obligatory shoulder pads, selling them to upmarket independent boutiques throughout the country and my own section in Fenwicks French Salon. When I became pregnant with my second child I gave my business up.

I have spent the years since researching fashion, reading every weighty tome about every designer of any consequence, until two years ago when a friend was attending a high society wedding and could not find a bag to match her outfit. For some reason she assumed I could make her one, I had never made a bag in my life! But this favour turned out to be a blessing, as it soon became apparent that this was my natural forte. So, I have spent the last two years sitting at home honing my skills and developing patterns, until I now finally feel confident to launch my collection publicly. Here it is, Karina's bags, I hope you like them!

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