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"Dear Karina,
I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am with your bag, it arrived on Monday while I was away for a few days. It’s so beautiful and exquisitely made yet incorporates lots of practical elements in its manufacture. It was a gift for my mother and she absolutely adores it. 
It will be treasured but not hidden away, mum has already deemed it her favourite and has worn it every day since I gave it to her. It brings her great joy and when she asked about the lady who made it, we were struck by the realisation that you are quite a renaissance woman and your bags are far more than just bags. There’s so much history in every one. I see your mum teaching you to sew, i can see a touch of your dad’s engineering in how you put together the handle to give strength to the structure, I see your years of study, research and creativity in the design, the colour combinations, the fabric placement and little touches like the thonging leather lining the handle. I see the time you spent teaching Paul to cut the leather and how your collaborations works so creatively and wonderfully. 
Once again thank you for your beautiful bag and I look forward, as always, to seeing your latest designs on Facebook.
- Anne Fitzgerald Cunningham

"I am the excited and proud owner of two Karina Bags. Not only is each handbag Karina makes unique, the quality is unsurpassed. I already knew how lovely and well made they were after studying many, many photos, but when I got my hands on my bags .....they took my breath away. Never again will I purchase a mass produced handbag of inferior quality from a department store. Karina's Bags are works of art! Now saving and waiting for that third bag to jump out and grab me."
- Sharon Blair Alabama, USA

"It is my pleasure to own more than one of Karina's gorgeous Bags. Each one is a small treasure. The workmanship, beauty and unique stamp that Karina brings to her creations are without equal. Not only are the purses a delight to use, but they are quite the conversation starters wherever I go. I look forward to using my bags for many years to come and to enjoying the development of her new offerings in the future."
- Averill MacDonald Bowers, US

"I was so thrilled with the Karina handbag that I ordered recently for my daughter, I had to order a bag for myself! Her craftsmanship is amazing and the leather is of the highest quality. I have many designer bags (Prada, Louis Vuitton, etc) but my Karina bag is one of my very favorite. I can't wait to find another one that strikes my fancy to add to my collection. Her designs are all lovely and so well researched. What an excellent product!"
- Deborah Waldman-Pontious, Illinois, US.

"You will never just own one of Karina's beautiful works of art - you will be the curator of an ever expanding collection instead! Every bag I have ever bought has been commented on, and it is so nice to be able to communicate with the person who creates them. The bags are stories told by a brilliant storyteller, with love and attention to detail sewn into every seam."
- Susan Downs, Glasgow, Scotland

"I am so delighted with this purse!
The leather is a gorgeous scarlet not butter soft but nice rich texture. Excellent craftsmanship. I am looking forward to enjoying this for many years. The silk inlay is stunning especially the elephant. LOVE LOVE LOVE it thanks again Karina. "
- Kim Griffiths, Scarlet Monkey Clothing, Oregon US

"I am now the proud owner of one of Karina's bag which arrived with me on the Emerald Isle today. Your photographs, whilst lovely, do not do justice to the beauty, workmanship, quality and individuality of your bags. I am more than delighted with my purchase Karina and can see this in use for many years to come. I know it will attract a lot of comments from friends and family, I will direct them your way. Here's to your continued success and better health, thank you!"

- Christine Young, textile artist, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

"First thing you'll notice about these comments on Karina's work is that they are all long and wax lyrical about how wonderful her work is. For a reason. Quite simply, Karina's handbags are not only made from the finest quality materials and leathers (usually leather lined too) but have the true essence of astounding craftwomanship and a uniqueness that gets a lot of compliments. I have 3 Karina bags and every time I take one of them out, it gets compliments and questions about where I bought it. Like many others, I never considered myself a great fan of handbags. I have a design background but was never overly fussed about bags.....til I saw Karina's work. Her bags are always affordable, unique, stylish and without question, the finest I have ever seen anywhere. I am now a lifelong fan of her work and am extremely glad she chose this path!"
-Dr Andrea Hamilton MRSC

"I have totally fallen in love with Karinas bags. I love her never ending quest to incorporate vintage or the unusual, the quality and the uniqueness of the fabrics and leathers, the beauty of her craftmanship and the speed in which she makes them! My ever growing family of Karinas creations, always draw such attention and I show them off very proudly indeed!"
- Karen Riley, Darlington

"Karina’s handbags are absolute works of art, that can immediately transform a mediocre outfit or mood! I  get compliments on every outing as the craftsmanship is superb, you can just tell the quality of materials and hardware as well as the construction. I’ve always loved my designer brand handbags but the quality is not what it used to be, and there are so many fakes around everyone just looks the same. Karina’s bags are all individually designed and made by hand, so you are buying not only a high quality item but something unique and timeless."
- Donna Feeney, Metro Radio, Newcastle upon Tyn

"So far I am the proud owner of 8 bespoke bags made by Karina and do not mind admitting that I am completely addicted to increasing my collection. I was never a "handbag person" before buying my first Karina bag, and really couldn't understand why women spent so much money on them. Karina's bags are not just bags. They are art. There is nothing else like them that I have ever found. Each one is so beautiful in a slightly different way and I love the fact that there will never ever be another like it, as they are all crafted using vintage materials and trimmings, then put together in such quirky and imaginative ways. I am constantly being stopped in the street and asked about them by complete strangers as they are so unique. They are always a talking point. I love my handbags!"
- Ella Quinn, Cumbria

"I have several of Karina’s bags. Why? They are all a one-off. I have watched the creativity with which she makes them. She may dispute it, but they are truly original “works of art”. Karina sources unique classy leathers and styles each bag. Her prices are more than reasonable. Where else would you get a bag like hers? She is honestly making designer work available to those of us who couldn’t afford to spend a lot. Well I wouldn’t anyway. I don’t want to carry something that a lot of other women have. I want something that is mine!"
- Kathy Paul,  www.suspectproductions.co.uk

"I am the very proud owner of four of Karina’s beautiful creations and I think it’s fair to same I am well and truly hooked.  Not only is each piece unique (Karina only ever makes one) but the quality and craftsmanship are without equal.  The superiority of the pieces she uses in her bags is beyond doubt and I am constantly being amazed by what she pulls out of her “Aladdin’s Cave” of a stockroom next!   
These bags receive so many admiring comments and covetous glances, but most of all being a busy Mum as well as business woman they are practical!!  I am able to fit in work, books, toy cars and crayons for my son as well as everything I need on a day to day basis.
I really can’t recommend Karina highly enough.  In this day and age where true artisans seem to be few and far between I count myself very fortunate to have found Karina and her stunning designs."
- Su Garbutt, Crewe
"Karina is a wonderful person to work with. I commissioned her for a bespoke piece, and she delivered a thing of beauty. The attention to detail was fantastic, the quality and finish 100% professional. She will go the extra mile to get the right fabric, the right finishes and her communication throughout was excellent. The finished article was carefully wrapped and delivered with next day delivery. All my friends and colleagues were so envious! I will definitely be commissioning Karina again and will also be recommending her to everyone I know!"
- Vicky Axelson, IPC Media, London

"I would like to recommend Karina's Bags. I love the workmanship, the styles and the softness of the leather."
- Patricia Sullivan Stewart, Washington DC, USA

"I was given my first Karina bag as a very welcome Christmas present. A 50's-style beautiful brown calf leather bag with inserts of stingray (shagreen) leather. Everyone was very jealous and fascinated in equal measure! My husband had bought it from my favourite boutique in Newcastle and I spent the first few years of its life in total ignorance of its origins. Due to it being my favourite bag it got used and abused an awful lot and I contacted the shop it came from to see if they could recommend anyone to carry out a minor repair. A few emails later and I was on the phone to Karina who I discovered lived round the corner from me, she told me to bring it round and fixed it for free there and then.
I was so excited I had found the maker of my wonderful bag but even more so of the possibility of more bags like it and seeing first hand Karina's workshop! Since then I have collected 3 more Karina bags, 2 were custom made. Karina listens to your requirements and uses her own unique style, amazing skills and beautiful hides to meet them. The quality and finish is second to none. I haven't bought a leather bag from anywhere else since and don't think I ever will as long as Karina is knocking them out! I love the fact they are so different to anything else out there and they reflect my own personal style. 
I must get asked twice a week where my bag is from, I very proudly tell them about 'my friend' Karina who makes bags. I think we are very fortunate to have such a talent on our doorstep!"
- Gemma Hood, Newcastle upon Tyne

"What an absolutely fabulous collection, i came across your article tonight in the Derbyshire Times, and have simply got to have one. I love my handbags but these are truly unique - a credit to you."
- Linni Bennett-Weeden

"Your handbags are truly wonderfull!"
- Fiona, Get Cutie

"We swooned 'yes swooned' when we first clapped our eyes on Karina Hesketh's delectable handbags. She's local, she has her own website and yes, has bags of class. And they don't just look fantastic either. You want to get your mitts on these beauties, they're just demanding to be caressed"

"At first I couldn't believe Karina actually makes these bags herself! The quality is amazing and I love all the unique vintage findings that make them a one-off."
- Sarah, Give us a Twirl

Your bags are amazing!
- Lisa Lam, U-Handbag Proprietor

"I am lucky to own many of Karina’s custom handbags. My first one was an Oceanliner design that I bought at an Antique fair in Palm Beach. After discovering that I could purchase directly from Karina I was thrilled. My collection has expanded to 5 handbags but they don’t get enough wear since I cherish them as pieces of art as much as functional objects. Her design inspirations and meticulous craftsmanship is amazing. I am a happy customer in Palm Beach Florida. Jane Perlow February 2017 https://www.rubylane.com/shop/decodelite/ilist/

"Just bought my fifth bag of Karina Hesketh, every time I treat myself to one, I feel I bought a piece of functional art. Great designs and eye for even the smallest detail."
- Karin Peeters, Grass Valley, California

"I started my collection of Karina's bags this year (there will *be* a collection!) with a gorgeous olive green croc that is the perfect size to come to meetings with me. Beautifully made, luxurious and exclusive - just perfect. People always ask where I got it from so I think I need some business cards! Lusting after a Gladstone bag next..."
- Lynn Huggins-Cooper, UK

"Karina, my bag arrived today just like you said it would!! OMG, I have died and gone to heaven!! I have owned leather bags for years but NOTHING like the beauty and quality of your bag!! I am blown away!! I absolutely LOVE it!! The quality of your work is amazing!! Thank you so much, I just can't say enough about it!! I obviously am thrilled!!Karina, I've been using my new bag now for about a week plus and Oh my gosh, the comments are endless!! ALL very positive!! Everyone wants to know where I got it and of course I give them your information so they can all go look at your one-of-a-kind bags!! I am still absolutely thrilled with my bag!! Thank you again for a bag that will be treasured for a very long time!!"
- Janey Gibbs, Washington, US http://stores.ebay.co.uk/ladyjanestreasures

"I first came across Karina’s bags via a blog post, and being a bag lover I immediately checked out her website. The bags in Karina’s collection are a gorgeous eclectic mix, and on browsing through the archive section I knew it was only a matter of time before my first purchase. I also became a Facebook friend of Karina’s, and was soon to discover how Karina is an extremely interesting person, with a flair for research, and talent for finding inspiration in the seemingly ordinary. Karina also personally sources vintage fabrics / scarves and bag hardware, and commissions textiles / embroideries from which she creates bags that are not only modern classic statement bags, but exceptionally cool! Karina has an incredible work ethic and pays fastidious attention to detail at every stage of the process; this alongside her skill and experience is reflected in the quality of the handcrafted bags which speak for themselves far better than I ever could! Having worked in the fashion industry for many years and having built such a well-deserved excellent reputation Karina’s contacts are vast, and you never know what the latest delivery of couture leather will become. All in all I was a bag lover before, but now I am a lover of Karina’s bags – bags with soul to be cherished!"
- Claire Elizabeth, UK

"I treated myself to one of Karina's purses. Now I don't buy myself things very often. Yes things to do with building and creating, but not beautiful clothes or expensive shoes, or anything unless I have to. Most of my clothes come from charity shops, except shoes......... One day I saw on fb three purses made by Karina. I had seen her lovely creations but this time I couldn't say no to this one purse.... Brown leather unique design, and the most fabulous soft suede inside. Karina even took a pic of the inside for me. It is fabulous and I am so pleased with myself for saying yes.... Karina's work is beautifully made, obviously with love, and unique, won't get anything as good as this anywhere. She is so bright and clever and comes up with ideas all the time, bless her. I love it."
- Lorna Furiass, UK

"As a former owner and leather worker of custom leather baby booties, it is my delight to own an original Karina Hesketh Purse.Karina offers custom designed and hand-crafted purses at affordable prices. Her purse materials are unique themselves, and sometimes couture in origin. The workmanship is excellent - you can see the hand-stitching on the purse and also the hand-cutting and use of various tools, such as a leather awl. Tassels are made custom to match the purse, and each purse is roomy to hold all your necessary items. The quality is excellent, and each purse is meant to last the owner for years. It should be noted that each purse is unique, garnering compliments each time it is worn out. I highly recommend Karina's Bags for the name stands for Quality."
- Cheryl Melnick, California, US https://www.etsy.com/shop/VintageClothingDream

"I am privileged (and, I do mean "privileged") to own two of Karina's amazing bags! Both are clutches. One is a beautiful envelope that is an homage to my favorite city, Paris! The other is a Mondrian-inspired beauty. I carry them whenever I can. I'm an eclectic when it comes to fashion. I love to mix it up - combining the classic looks of the 20's with Rocker Chic. Karina's works of art are perfectly suited to my tastes and my fashion! She magically captures the beauty and wonder of decades in fashion, culture, and history. Each is a piece of history, and each is always a Statement! If one wants a bag that will mesh with the style, beauty, and grace that is fashion, and the way that fashion reflects the times, then Karina's Bags is an unparalled site for the Woman with taste, style, and a naughty wink of the eye. Effortless chic. Thank you, Karina!
PS: Shipping to the US is quick, safe, and amazing."
- Sharon Batson, USA

"Mr Postman delivered my gorgeous new bag from Karina today. If you haven't discovered her yet, have a look at her website Karina's Bags and you will never want to buy a bag from anywhere else, ever!"
- Karen Alexander,  Tyne and Wear UK

"The most beautiful bag I have ever owned arrived safely today! Thank-you Karina, This really is my bag for life!"
- Adele Louise Jones, Chest

"Karina's bags are beautiful, unique, individual and are certainly a talking point -every time I use mine someone tries to persuade me to part with it! The quality and workmanship of the handbags that Karina creates show how skilled she is at creating classic bags designed to last for a life-time, not a season. Whether you own one 'Karina' or are lucky enough to own more then one, it's a decision you won't ever regret."
- Julia Robinson, Marketing Manager Barclays, Coventry

"I have collected six beautifully made one-off Karina Hesketh bags over the years, and they seem to draw people's attention wherever I go, they're so lovely and unique and also very practical. The fact that they're individually designed and hand-made, often incorporating fabulous additional vintage elements, with wonderfully supple leather which lasts and lasts, adds to the real cachet of owning a bag made by Karina. Believe me, one is never enough!"
- Carol Ann, Counsellor, Morpeth

"I was never interested in "designer" handbags, but since my purchases from Karina, I've found that they can be well made, durable, unique and affordable. They genuinely are amongst my "best buys" of all time, and the personal service is second to none. One word of caution - these bags do engender "bag envy" from others (but also lots of compliments) and you may become addicted!"
- Angela Jackson, Cumbria

"Over the last few years I've purchased nearly a dozen beautiful handbags handmade by Karina. Each one of them is a unique piece, made with exquisite leather that she carefully sources herself and designed and made with impeccable attention to detail. Every time I wear one of my bags, I undoubtedly get several complements and I love the fact that no one can go out and buy the exact same one! Karina's bags are total arm candy!"
- Nellie Lazar, Turlock, California

"Karina is a master craftswoman whose style is inspiringly eclectic, peerlessly well-researched and always impeccable. A rare gem in an age of soul-less mass production and throwaway fashion, the pieces she creates are true originals to be used and treasured for a lifetime."
- Bobbi Charleston, Promoter at the Swung Eight, Newcastle upon Tyne

"Karina's bags have won the favour of a vast international public in just 2 years. Despite this widespread popularity, Karina refuses to industrialise her production process and continues to make all the bags herself, by hand, in her home, thus preserving all the magical qualities of unique, one-off, undeniably original objects."
- Collezione Accessori no 56 (a/w 09-10 collections)

"I just looked at your website and had the rare experience of being not only able to see and find the information easily but really wanted to see all of the bags you had listed on archive. We would love to have you with us as you fulfil all the criteria for quality, originality, craft input"
- Alison, Brancepeth Castle

"I'm very fond of both my Karina bags - my antique leather work bag is great and is such beautiful leather and holds my laptop perfectly, and my navy bag which was a present is so classic and elegant - I think I will use it for years - It's great having such an individual piece. I also met someone in the pub last night with one of your new bags with the gate clasps - in tan - I told her it was an antique gate latch and she was super impressed!"
- Karen Stone, Design Event 07 Festival Director 

"I have bought 3 of your bags and each one has been a different design. I bought them because I really liked the designs and they were unusual. The leather was really soft and the colours were lovely. I also liked the inner linings of the bags. The linings all were a good contrast to the leather. I hope to see some more of your new designs. Thanks. "
- Janice, Newcastle

"Just visited your website! Love it. I can't imagine the bags will stick around for long now you've set the website up. Really liked the clutch bags using the silk handkerchiefs. Clutch's (so I read) are very in this autumn/winter. I really like the cream saddle bags. I think I'll put an order in for one of those when I've got a bit more spare cash. The Japanese leather the gentleman found was beautiful, wasn't it. So annoying that I can't access ebay from work I felt like having a search when I read about that. Also like the small picture second from the right in the panel at the bottom of the pages.  Looks like a great bag just from the detail."
- Ali Shire, Edinburgh 

"The bags have just arrived.  They are even more beautiful than in the picture.........oh my daughter is so going to love her present!  Thank you.  The leather of the wallet is so lovely it is almost a work of art in itself.  Gorgeous clasp!  We will treasure these items.  Keep designing!!"

10 Nov 2007 ... The other amazing thing about Karina's bags, in addition to their craftsmanship and gorgeous designs, is that they are so inexpensive. ...

I really enjoyed your website. These are awesome bags. They do remind me of the John Romain Handbags and Agnier bags 
- Dianne, Ohio

"Thank you so much for the lovely bags, they are exquisite! I love them both, thank you! The leather is wonderful and soft, and the bags smell so nice! They are a complete work of art; I am thrilled to bits!"

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